If you have not met the New 2020 year you still have a chance to do that. Today. I'm not kidding. In one of a recent post, we have had to talk about why Christians have two Christmas? Then it was a post about calendars. Because some Orthodox churches continue using the Julian calendar all holidays are two weeks behind. And this rule also is working for a New Year celebration. You maybe wondered why? Cause New Year isn't a church's holiday. Yes, it isn't. But here is another historical reason

It was the year 7208... Wait? Which year? Yes according to the Byzantine calendar it was the year 7208 when the Russian tsar Peter I issued a decree about the transition to a new system of chronology. So the year 7208 became to 1700, and the beginning of the year was moved to January 1st, instead of September 1. But because the Russian orthodox church had condemned the reform of the calendar which was accomplished by Pope Gregory XIII, in the Russian Empire was accepted the Julian calendar, which, as we already know, is inaccurate and is lagging 13 days behind the Grigorian. The difference was not so big these days but now we have 13 days between the two of them. The Russian Empire had been living according to the Julian calendar until the Bolshevik's revolution in 1917. Bolsheviks decided to reform the calendar and after January 31, 1918, has come February 14, 1918. From February 16, 1918 the Gregorian calendar took effect in the Ukrainian People's Republic, which was a part of the Russian Empire before it had declared its independence. In a short time after that the UPR was occupied by Soviet Russia. Now it is more than 100 years past after the calendar reform in the territories of the former Russian Empire, but people still using the therm "An Old New Year". Someones continue to celebrate.

Another interesting fact: Western Ukraine was never a part of Russia until the year 1939, but here we also have similar habits. Perhaps it is an influence of the Orthodox church and the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. The last one also is using the Julian calendar. Anyway, if you want to meet 2020 one more time – today you have such possibility. Happy New Year!