Officially the radio had been invented in the last years of the 19th century. But the Epoque of the Radio began in the 1920s when vacuum tube amplifiers were developed. After that radio stations, one by one has begun to appear on the world's map. And in one-day own radio was born in Lviv. It happened on January 15, 1930, on 795 KHz. The radio was called Polskie Radio Lwów.

At first, the station had been located in a rented pavilion of The Eastern Trade Fair (Targi Wschodnie) in Stryiskiy park. Before regular broadcasting has begun, after a week of equipment installation, on January 10 was launched a short test transmission.

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In the first days of broadcasting Lviv radio station, it was just a repeater of polish common state radio. Their own programs Radio Lwów had begun to transmit a little later. Next year the transmitter was improved and at the end of present Franko street was built a transmission center with two towers, which appeared much earlier than the TV tower at Vysokyi Zamok had been erected.

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In the same year, the studio was moved into a new building at 6, Batorego str. (now Knyazya Romana). In this building, Lviv state radio has had its studio until recently time. Polskie Radio Lwów was keeping its broadcasting from 1930 till September 1939. After WWII had begun their frequency and equipment were used by the soviet radio RV-94, then german Rundfunksender Lemberg and again RV-94. The last one, most likely, had been worked till 1951.

The stars and the true legends of Radio Lwów were Szczepko and Tońko. The presenters of the show Wesoła Lwówska Fala (Funny Lviv Wave). They were not only some kind of popular DJs and also movie stars. But it is another story.

*At the top of the post: 6, Knyazya Romana str., formerly Batorego str.