I don't care if Russia will collapse or not. I don't care if a hundred new states will appear or if they manage to stay integral. I don't care about this ban on visas for Russians. I just want them to suffer. But not physical. I don't wish any kind of physical pain for them. They don't deserve such an easy escape from responsibility. I want them to understand. I want them to understand what they have done. I want them to understand how much pain and tears they brought to our land and to other nations. I wish that one day their eyes got suddenly open and all that they'll be able to feel was shame. The shame which is no escape from. A shame to call themselves Russian. A shame to be russians. I don't want them all to die, just those who came to us with a sword. But the rest, who by their silence or with their voices are supporting the war also are guilty and have to care this shame for the rest of their lives.