One of the reasons why you should visit Europe is castles. Of course, you can see castles in the USA or Canada but is even one of them a true the Middle Age citadel? I have seen the list of America's castles and didn't notice anyone. Why? The reason is simple: when Europeans began to colonize the American continent – the age of the castles passed away. So, do you want to see a real castle? Go to Europe, there are lots of them. I have plans to tell you about some European fortresses and today we begin with a castle in Lithuania.

A backpack with Vilnius airport at back plan

I do love to travel! I can't say that I'm traveling a lot, but I try to spend on journeys most of these days when I'm not chained to my office. Today I want to talk about hostels. About these luxury apartments for poor people who can't afford a room in a five-star hotel. I'm kidding. If you can travel – you are not a poor person at all. Hostels always are a good choice when you just looking for someplace to sleep and are not planning to spend most of travel time in your room. Staying there allows you to save money and to redistribute your budget for other goals.