One of the reasons why you should visit Europe is castles. Of course, you can see castles in the USA or Canada but is even one of them a true the Middle Age citadel? I have seen the list of America's castles and didn't notice anyone. Why? The reason is simple: when Europeans began to colonize the American continent – the age of the castles passed away. So, do you want to see a real castle? Go to Europe, there are lots of them. I have plans to tell you about some European fortresses and today we begin with a castle in Lithuania.

Trakai Island Castle is located, as you may be guessed, on an island. This island is the biggest at Galve lake. When the Castle was built, in the 14th-century, its main purpose was protection against the Teutonic Order. But in a comparatively short time the fort had lost its military appointment. It happened after the Battle of Grunvald. As result, The Island Castle was turned into a residential of the Grand Duke.

Like many of the similar edifice, Trakai Castle has been built in several stages. The last one was ongoing in the early years of the 15th century. Unfortunately, the dark years did not bypass the fortress. In some period it had been using as a jail. Thus began the decline of the citadel that was important in the past. Then the Castle was damaged during wars with the Duchy of Moscow in the 17th century and never have been restored... Thankfully not. Trakai Castle had avoided the destiny of many alike buildings which still are in ruins. It was reinstated in the 20th century. Now there is a magnificent castle in a beautiful place.


Of course, there is a museum inside. I don't now as you, but I'm not a big fan of exhibitions in castles. I always politely going through these exhibitions and looks at showpieces but I'm much more interested in the buildings. However in this case to each his own.

How to get to Trakai Island Castle?

It will be much easier if you will get to Vilnius at first. The Castle is just around 19 miles (30 km.) from the Lithuanian Capital. You can take a bus, rent a car or going on a train. It's all on your own choice. A train trip, which I had chosen, will cost you just 1,8€. The train is comfortable, with wifi and electrical outlets. But also it is a very slow kind of ride. The distance to Trakai overcomes for about an hour. Then you have to walk 1,2 miles (2 km.) from the local railway station.

What can you see in Trakai else?

I have no idea. Trakai Museum of history on your back way to the railway station. It looks like a continuation of the exhibition in the Castle. Also, you could see the Tyszkiewicz palace which is situated on another shore of Galve lake. So take a ride on a boat around the Castle and at the same time you will can to reach the Tyszkiewicz palace. You gonna like it. I think that's all. But you will not regret. Have a nice time in Trakai!