A backpack with Vilnius airport at back plan

I do love to travel! I can't say that I'm traveling a lot, but I try to spend on journeys most of these days when I'm not chained to my office. Today I want to talk about hostels. About these luxury apartments for poor people who can't afford a room in a five-star hotel. I'm kidding. If you can travel – you are not a poor person at all. Hostels always are a good choice when you just looking for someplace to sleep and are not planning to spend most of travel time in your room. Staying there allows you to save money and to redistribute your budget for other goals.

That was an intro. Now the story

Exactly a month ago I arrived in Vilnius. Without any rush, I left the airport and went to the city where I had spent about two or three hours just walking around. Then I ate my dinner and finally decided to go to check-in at the hostel. I'm sure you understand why I have used "the". Of course, I had booked a hostel and when at 9 pm I decided to show up there I had no doubts: in one or max two hours I'll fall asleep.
Oh yeah!
Hostel Oras – that's the name of a nice place where I supposed to have my first night in Vilnius. I highly recommend this sweet place if you want to... I'm sorry my English right now doesn't allow me to chose any epithets to describe this hole... I have seen enough apartments, hotels, and hostels in my life. That kind of shit I had seen the first time. The reality was merciless: in my room, one of the beds was broken, the sheets and the towels were dirty. I'm not sure if these sheets and towels were washed at all. Dust. Do I have to mention dust? Be sure there is no lack of dust. But let's talk about features in the room. Hostel Oras can offer one feature: Locker boxes for your stuff. Unfortunately, these boxes are useless because there are no keys to lock them. The manager told me that I can keep my money and documents "somehow". So I have to conclude that the locker boxes are not the feature, they are a bug that has forgot to take away. Or, what is most likely, the administration just doesn't care. I think you have caught my message: don't stay in this damn hostel. That's my free advice. For me, it cost 10 EUR, cause as you may be gues, I had paid but didn't stay there. Anyway, I don't regret the lost money. I only regret that I didn't take any photos in my room, in the bathroom or kitchen. But I was busy. It was late and I needed a new place to sleep.
My plans had included staying in Hostel Oras another two nights, after my return from Riga. So the first what I did – canceled this booking and find a new hostel. With a single room this time. I chose the Old Town Guest House. Running ahead I could say this place is worth the money that they want. Half of the problem has been solved. But I had no desire to be in the first hostel even one night. My next stay point in Vilnius was Pogo Hostel. And in this case, I also could not avoid adventures. In general terms, Pogo Hostel is a fine and cozy place. However, it was not easy to get inside. But just in my circumstances. I had to call the administrator who wasn't at the reception desk and wait until she came and let me in. She had an explanation: there was almost full of the hostel and they didn't expect a new booking so late, so she had left before I did my reservation. Also, she tried to speak with me in Russian, but during this trip, she wasn't the first one and wouldn't the last one who tried did it in conversation with me.

Instead of conclusion

It had been a great trip to Vilnius and Riga. I do like these cities. The only reason for my adventures with hostels in Vilnius is that I hadn't paid much attention when I picked apartments. Don't be like me. Be more careful and always read reviews before choosing a place to stay